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IOR symposium 2007 in Cairo

IOR is the 14th european symposium on improver oil recovery.
Our work included organizing symposium dinner for attendants, dinner cruises,and sight seeing for delegate's families.

15th asian games in Doha 2006

The asian games is a multi-sport event held every four years among athletes from all over asia.
Our coordination project was for a Japanese television channel.
The project included researching,interviewing prominent people, coordinating the shooting and other tasks.

World judo championship in Cairo 2005

WORLD judo championships are organized by the international judo federation and are held every 2 years since 1965.
Part of our tasks were to facilitate the entry of OB vans & their custom clearance in Alexandria port,along with other coordinathion/logistical tasks.

World heritage in Egypt in 2003

World heritage program is series of documentary films aired for 10 years since its launch in 1996 by the Japanese television channel TBS.
Our work involved gettings all the required shooting permissions, handdling all the reservations,and providing equipments such as tv panther,swiss jeep,and helicopter shooting.

Time for dialogue,New York,Cairo&Tokyo - An open Talk of the Youth 2002

Live discussion between youth from the USA,Egypt&Japan in the aftermath of the incidents of 9/11.
part of our work was finding qualified American University in cairo and Cairo University students,setting up the studio and other coordination and logistical work.