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TV / Filming coordination

Complete and full research about the desired topic in any contry in the middle east.
Handling all the permission for historic and touristic areas, in addition to all the shooting permission necessary including heli-copter shooting permission.
Supplying all the necessary equipments, including Swiss jibs, TV pantners, OB vans and helicopters.


Support of your business trip

We have interpreter/translator for various language.(English,Arabic,Japanese,French)
We will support you all over middle east,along with UAE.


We support your business development in Egypt, Dubai, and any contry in the middle east.

Arrangement for event,conference

Handling all the resevations of outstanding resturants, meeting/conference rooms, ball room halls, and other locations.
We will arrange what you need for your event or conference(booking of the venue,eqipment,accommodation,coach,etc.).
Meeting room